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LeadSquared Apps (Lapps) lets developers write their own custom code and extend the functionality of LeadSquared.

Let’s say you want to compute the interest rate for a lead based on various lead attributes, and in the process, access data from third-party systems through API. Usually, you’d write that code, test it, deploy it on your servers, host it as APIs and then call it from LeadSquared through Automation, Rules or Webhooks.

With Lapps, you can write that code (using JavaScript), test it and publish it right inside LeadSquared. You can then call the Lapp directly from Automation, Rules or Webhooks.

Not only does this give you a very fast way to write custom code in your favourite programming language, it also lets you to keep all your custom code related to sales & marketing processes right inside LeadSquared, without worrying about deployment, hosting or security. You can also find 15+ commonly needed Lapps pre-built for your reference as part of the Lapps marketplace!


What is a Lapp?

A Lapp is a REST API that can execute some custom code. It is built, deployed and run right inside LeadSquared. Once published, Lapps code can be triggered by automations, rules and webhooks and can also be called from external systems.
Lapps lets you develop faster, test faster and deploy faster without having to worry about security, hosting, downtime, debugging or troubleshooting.


What are the Benefits of Lapps?

Because Lapps is hosted within LeadSquared, all the code related to LeadSquared is maintained within your account –

Ease of Integration Easily integrate with other systems.
Speed Develop applications faster.
Testing Test faster using the Lapps test environment.
Security You don’t have to worry about security or data encryption.
Hosting There’s no need to maintain the source code or worry about version history.
Troubleshooting Easy logging, debugging and troubleshooting.
Reliability You don’t have to worry about reliability or server downtime.
Scalability You don’t have to be concerned with scalability or handling API call volumes. Lapps can be scaled to meet as many executions as you need.


When Should I Create a Lapp?

The prebuilt LeadSquared application provides numerous customization options to fit your business needs. However, if you have complex business processes that are not supported by the prebuilt application, Lapps gives you a way to implement custom functionality.

Use Lapps to –

  • Create dynamic email responses to your contacts and prospects to ensure the content is relevant.
    • Travel packages based on lead’s interest.
    • Real estate properties based on lead’s interest.
    • Details of the right insurance plan for a lead.
  • Quickly send lead and activity data to your other SaaS and web apps.*
    • Invoice apps.
    • Quote apps.
    • Order Management.
  • Receive data from your other SaaS and web apps.
    • Chat apps.
  • Do custom calculations.
    • Compute custom lead priority score based on your own business logic.
    • Generate the right insurance premium for a lead.
    • Calculate interest rates for leads based on LeadSquared and third-party data.
    • Calculate discount based on your own rules.
  • Generate PDF files for different products/offerings.
  • Create business processes that aren’t supported by Automation.

* Although this can also be achieved by LeadSquared APIs, with Lapps, you won’t have to change your main application code every time there are small changes in your business logic. All you’ll have to do is update the Lapp.

Note: Lapps only supports code/business logic execution. It does not add any functionality to the LeadSquared User Interface.


How Do Lapps work?

Lapps run on JavaScript (Node.js 16.x). When you write code in Lapps and publish it to a test or live environment, you get an API URL that you can use to read/send data within LeadSquared or to and from an external system.


Next Steps

Here’s how you can create your first Lapp – Getting Started.

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