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Entity Sharing

These APIs let you share entities (leads, accounts and opportunities) with your users for a defined duration. You can also define the type of access (read or write) you want users to have.



  1. Lead Sharing must be enabled for your account for the Lead APIs to work. Contact support@leadsquared.com to get it enabled.
  2. Before passing the Opportunity Share API, from the Advanced Configuration page, you must Enable Opportunity Sharing.
  3. Only administrator credentials (secret key and access key) can be used for these APIs.


Example Use Cases

Here are some use cases these APIs will help you meet –

  • Sharing leads between teams or departments
    Let’s assume your organization follows a process that involves multiple teams. For example, your pre-sales team contacts a lead and sets up an appointment with the sales team. Your sales team then takes over and tries to convert the lead into a customer. During this time, your pre-sales team is still required to stay in touch with the lead in case any follow-ups or clarifications are needed.
  • Sharing leads for different activities 
    A lead owner may need to share a particular lead with another user in order to accomplish certain activities. For example, let’s assume that a lead needs to be evaluated for a loan. A lead owner may need to share this lead with another user (the activity owner) who performs ‘Loan Evaluation’ or ‘Credit Evaluation’ activities. In this case, the lead owner may not want to give the activity owner access to the lead indefinitely, but only till the activity is completed.


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