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Calling a Lapp from Automation

After publishing a Lapp to any environment (test or live), you can call it using LeadSquared Automation.


Business Use Case

Let’s say you’ve written a Lapp to change the ‘Revenue’ field of a sales activity from Rupees to Dollars. You can call this Lapp using automation, so every time a sales activity gets created, the Lapp gets called and changes the value of the revenue field.



  1. Navigate to Marketing>Automation and click Create Automation.
  2. After selecting an automation trigger, under the Custom Action, click Call Lapp.
  3. In the Call Lapp pop-up, search for your Lapp.*
    1. Choose the Environment as live or test.
    2. Use the Query String field if you wish to pass additional data to the Lapp in the form of key-value pairs.
    3. Set the Save Response option to Yes if you want to save the Lapp response and use it to send emails with dynamic content.
  4. Click Save when you’re done.

* Only published Lapps will appear in the drop-down.

Call a Lapp from custom automation action

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