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Opportunity Management

The opportunities resource represents potential deals with your leads. These APIs enable you to create, retrieve, update and delete opportunities, and related resources (duplicate activities, opportunity notes, etc.).


Create Retrieve Update Delete
Capture Opportunities
Captures all the leads and opportunities in your account.
Check If Opportunity Feature Is Enabled
Returns whether the opportunities feature is enabled on a LeadSquared account.
Update an Opportunity
Lets you update fields in an existing opportunity.
Delete an Opportunity
Lets you delete an opportunity.
Add Opportunities in Bulk
Add multiple opportunities in bulk to a lead.

Get Metadata of an Opportunity Type
Returns the properties of all the fields for the selected opportunity type.
Bulk Update Opportunities
Update up to 25 opportunities at one go.

Get Opportunity Types
Returns the details of all the Opportunity Types in your account.
Post an Activity on an Opportunity
Lets you post a custom activity on an Opportunity.
Get an Opportunity by Id
Returns the details of a single Opportunity Type in your account.
Post Bulk Activities on Opportunities
Post up to 25 activities at a go.

Get Opportunities by Lead Id
Lets you retrieve the list of opportunity fields associated with a lead.
Opportunity Advanced Search
Lets you retrieve opportunities in your account, using the advanced search criteria.
Get Tasks by Opportunity Id
Returns all the tasks created against an opportunity.

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