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This section details all APIs dealing with the LeadSquared Generic Telephony Connector. If you’ve installed this connector you can post call logs, retrieve phone numbers, configure Click2Call and modify the connector to suit your requirements.


 Create Retrieve Update
Post a Call Log
Post a call log for the LeadSquared Telephony Connector.
Get Single Sign-On Key
Retrieve your single sign-on key for the generic telephony connector.
Update Call Recordings/Duration for Phone Call Activities
Manually update the call recording or duration in case call logs are delayed/captured with inaccurate data.
Get a Lead Owner’s Phone Number
Get a lead owner’s phone number using the lead’s phone number.
Enable Agent Pop-up
Enable the agent pop-up for real-time incoming call notifications.
Show Agent Pop-up
Show the agent pop-up for the generic telephony connector.
Disable Agent Pop-up
Disables the agent pop-up feature.
Enable Click2Call
Enable Click2Call to make quick outbound calls from LeadSquared.
Disable Click2Call
Disable the Click2Call feature.
Enable Soft Phone
Enable soft phone while making Click2Calls.
Update Virtual Numbers
Update the virtual numbers associated with your LeadSquared telephony connector.

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