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The Analytics API suite helps you get key insights into your business and sales processes.
They are designed to help you –

  • Build custom dashboards
  • Create analytics applications
  • Build applications for better sales execution, using custom business logic –
    • Identifying the average engagement score for all leads under a particular owner
    • Identifying leads in an advanced stage that haven’t been contacted recently
    • Finding leads with high lead scores who have pending tasks
    • And lots more…

Note: Our Analytics API work off ElasticSearch clusters. The API will work for your account only if ElasticSearch is enabled. Please contact support@leadsquared.com to get it enabled for your account. There may be additional costs associated with ElasticSearch and Analytics API.


API Host

The API host for analytics APIs are different from our v2 APIs. Be sure to use the correct host for your region –

Region API Host 
U.S.A. https://analyticsapi-us11.leadsquared.com
Singapore https://analyticsapi.leadsquared.com
India (Mumbai) https://analyticsapi-in21.leadsquared.com
India (Hyderabad) https://analyticsapi-in22.leadsquared.com
Ireland https://analyticsapi-ir31.leadsquared.com
Canada https://analyticsapi-ca12.leadsquared.com



The authentication process is the same as other v2 APIs. Every API call requires an accessKey and secretKey to be passed in the API URL for authentication. Any action performed using APIs uses the credentials of the user whose keys are passed. For more information, see v2 Authentication.


List of APIs

Here’s a list of APIs that are currently available –

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