Sales Activity Management

The Sales Activity resource represents product or service sales you’ve made. It stores details of each sale like the product SKU, revenue, date, sales owner, or other custom fields you create. The APIs in this section let you manage your sales activities through create, retrieve, update and delete operations.


 Create Retrieve Update  Delete
Post a Sales Activity
Post a sales activity to a lead.
Get a Sales Activity by Id
Retrieve a sales activity by “ActivityId”.
Update a Sales Activity
Update details of a sales activity
Delete a Product
Delete an existing product.
Add a Value to a Sales Activity Drop-down Fields
Add a value to a sales activity field of drop-down type.
Get Sales Activity Settings
Retrieve a sales activity’s settings.
Update a Product
Update details of a product.
Create a Product
Add a new product to your LeadSquared account.
Get Products
Retrieve multiple products and their details.
Cancel a Sales Activity
Cancel an existing sales activity
Attach a File to a Custom or Sales Activity
Attaches a file to an activity based on activity Id.
Get Sales Activities by Lead Id
Retrieve all sales activities for a lead.