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Calling a Lapp from Webhooks

Once you’ve published a Lapp to any environment (test or live), you can call it using LeadSquared webhooks.


Business Use Case

Let’s say you’ve written a Lapp to push a lead from one of your LeadSquared accounts to another LeadSquared account. Now you want to trigger the Lapp everytime a lead gets created in the first account. All you have to do is setup a webhook to call the Lapp on the ‘Lead Creation’ event. Here’s how you do it.



  1. Navigate to My Account>Settings>API and Webhooks>Webhooks and click Create.
  2. In the Add Webhook section, in the Type drop-down, select Lapp.
  3. Choose the Event you want to call the Lapp on.
  4. Search for the Lapp Name and choose the Lapp Environment as test or live.
  5. If you want to pass data to the Lapp, you can enter any key-value pairs in the Query String field.
  6. Set an Execution Delay if required and click Save.

Triggering Lapp on Webhook event

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