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Lead Management

The Leads resource represents individuals or organizations that express interest in your products or services. Our Lead APIs provide a large set of capabilities around simple CRUD applications against lead records.

We recommend that  –

  1. You first look at the Get Meta Data API to understand the schema structure, permissions and properties of each lead field.
  2. You integrate the Capture Leads API as it combines the power of multiple APIs (create, update, convert a visitor, etc) to give you a complete solution. However, you can also integrate the create and update lead APIs as per your use case.


 Create Retrieve Update  Delete
Capture Leads
Convert, create and update leads from your leads sources.
Get Metadata
Retrieve the properties of all lead fields.
Update a Lead
Update an existing lead.
Delete a Lead
Delete one of your leads.
Convert a Visitor to a Lead
Convert a tracked website visitor to a lead.
Get a Lead Field’s Properties
Retrieve the properties of a specific lead field.
Update Leads in Bulk
Update a single lead field for up to 50 leads.
Reset a Lead
Deletes (resets) the selected custom activities on a lead.
Create a Lead
Create a new lead.
Get a Lead by Id
Retrieve a lead by “LeadId”.
Update Leads in Bulk v2
Update multiple fields for multiple leads at a go.
Delete a Lead’s Stage Change History
Deletes the history of stage changes for a lead.
Create Leads in Bulk
Create up to 50 leads at once.
Get Leads in Bulk by Ids
Retrieve multiple leads by passing Ids and columns you want displayed.
Merge Leads
Merge two leads.
Delete a Note
Delete a lead’s note.
Create or Update a Lead
Create a new lead or update an existing one.
Get a Lead by Email
Retrieve a lead by email address.
Mark Lead Invalid
Mark a lead’s email invalid.
Create or Update Leads in Bulk
Create or update up to 25 leads at once.
Get a Lead by Phone
Retrieve a lead by phone number.
Mark Lead Valid
Mark a lead’s email valid.
Create a Custom Lead Field
Create a custom field you want to capture for your leads.
Quick Search Leads
Retrieve leads by quick search.
Update a Note
Update an existing note.
Create a Lead and Activity
Create a lead and post an activity at the same time.
Search Leads by Criteria
Define criteria to retrieve leads.
Update Mailing Preferences
Exclude a lead from certain emails.
Create a Note
Create a note and attach a file to a lead.
Get Leads by Date Range
Retrieve leads updated between certain dates.
Add Values to Lead Drop-down Field
Add one or more new values to a lead drop-down field.
Upload a File

Upload a file to your LeadSquared account.

Get Details of a Lead Owner
Specify a lead using any identifier and get the owner’s details.
Remove Values from a Lead Drop-down Field
Remove one or more existing values from a lead drop-down field.
  Get a Lead’s Notes
Retrieve all notes associated with a lead.
Get Info on Merged Child Leads
Get details of child leads merged through lead merge actions.

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