Activity Management

The Activity resource represents all system and custom activities on posted on leads. System activities (email bounced, email link clicked, website page visited, etc.) are posted automatically but you have to post custom activities (home visit, meeting, or any activity you create) manually. These APIs let you manage activities through simple CRUD operations.


 Create Retrieve Update  Delete
Post an Activity to a Lead
Post a custom activity to a lead.
Get List of Activity Types
Retrieve all activity types.
Update an Activity
Update an activity posted on a lead.
Delete an Activity Type
Delete a custom activity type.
Post Activities on Leads in Bulk
Post up to 500 activities at a go.
Get Activity Type Details
Retrieve a specific activity type.
Update Activities in Bulk
Update multiple activities in one go.
Delete Activities of a Lead
Deletes activities (both system and custom) posted on a lead.
Create a Lead and Activity
Create a lead and post an activity simultaneously.
Get Activities of a Lead
Retrieve a lead’s activities.
Lock an Activity
Lets you lock an activity to prevent it from being modified.
Delete a Custom Activity
Delete a custom activity posted on a lead.
Activity Advanced Search
Retrieve activities by defining your own search criteria
Create a Custom Activity Type
Create a new custom activity type.
Get Activities by Date Range
Retrieve activities posted between custom dates
Unlock an Activity
Lets you unlock a previously locked activity.
Remove Values from a Custom Activity Drop-down Field
Remove values from a drop-down custom field of a specific activity type.
Add Values to a Custom Activity Drop-down Field
Add values to a drop-down custom field of a specific activity type.
Get Activities by Activity Event
Retrieve multiple instances of an activity by activity.
Remove a Value from a Sales Activity Drop-down Field
Remove a value from a drop-down field of a sales activity.
Post an Activity with a Lead’s Email Address
Post a custom activity by passing a lead’s email address.
Get Custom Fields of an Activity
Retrieve the custom fields of an activity.
Attach a File to a Custom or Sales Activity
Attaches a file to an activity based on activity Id.
Get Attachments of an Activity
Retrieve all attachments uploaded against an activity
Get Details of a Lead Owner Associated with an Activity
Pass an activity Id and retrieve the corresponding lead owner’s details.
Get Values of a Custom Activity Drop-down Field
Retrieves values of any custom activity field of drop-down type.
Get Drop-down Values of a Dependent Custom Activity Field
Retrieves the values of dependent drop-down fields associated with a particular custom activity field.
Get Activity Change History
Retrieves history of changes made to activities.
Get Activities by Lead Reference
Returns activities where leads have been referenced through custom field sets.