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Manage Connectors

View the list of all connectors on the Connectors listing page.

Connector Portal


Connector Actions

The following actions are available under the actions actions menu menu.

  • Edit
    Edit the connector configurations.
  • Change Status
    Change the status of the connector. The available statuses you can change the connector to appear here.
  • Delete 
    Deletes the connector from the portal
  • Export
    Exports the connector in JSON format. Once a connector is tested and approved on the staging environment, you can export it and then import it to the production/live environment, where it can be made public on the Apps Marketplace.

connector listing page


Publishing a Connector

Use the Change Status action to publish the connector. Based on the connector’s current status, other status options will appear. For more details on the connector workflow, see Getting Started.

Status Description
Draft Default status when creating a connector.
Published Connector is published on the Apps Marketplace but visible to only your organization.
In Review Connector is pending review from the LeadSquared team.
Live Connector is published on the Apps Marketplace and visible to all organizations.
Hidden The connector is hidden from the Apps Marketplace by the LeadSquared team.


User Profile

Navigate to the user profile to edit your personal information, view your domain and account Id, and update your password.

user profile CMP


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