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Table Audit

The Audit section contains an audit trail that records the changes made to a particular Table’s Meta Info and Table Schema. The audit trail makes it easy for users to view the previous versions of the table. The following filters are available to view the changes made to the table –

  • Category – The available categories are Meta Info and Table Schema.
  • Source – This allows you to filter requests based on the origin of the request raised, i.e., through the UI , APIs, etc.
  • Modified By – This allows you to filter changes by the user who carried out the change.
  • Modified On – You can filter by date on which the changes were made.

Mavis DB

When changes are made to a table or to the table schema, a view view icon icon shows up alongside the audit record. Click the icon to view the column’s Old Value and New Value in detail.

LeadSquared Mavis Database

For the User data type, Configured Values will be audited.

LeadSquared Mavis Database


Next Steps

To know the status of the requests made, please refer to Request History.

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