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The Apps Marketplace houses a variety of connectors that integrate LeadSquared with third-party businesses. These integrations use web technologies and our APIs, to build custom solutions for the LeadSquared web and mobile platforms.

Using the Marketplace Development Portal, third-party developers can build, test, and publish their own connectors in LeadSquared. Once built and reviewed, connectors can be hosted on the Apps Marketplace and leveraged by users of one or more organizations.

The most basic connector consists of a hosted HTML page that doesn’t interact with any resources, displayed through an IFrame within the LeadSquared application. However, most connectors typically interact with LeadSquared resources (using merge fields) to create different functionalities (new actions, new tabs, etc.).

Here’s how it works –

  1. You build a webpage using the technology of your choice (URL + context-specific LeadSquared merge fields, e.g., @lead.phone).
  2. Use LeadSquared APIs to build business logic (e.g., send SMS to leads).
  3. Publish the connector to the LeadSquared Apps Marketplace where it can be installed by users.

For example, a third-party SMS provider that creates a connector integrating with LeadSquared to send SMS to leads –

Connector Diagram

Note: You can use any technology (client and server-side) supported by your hosting provider (such as ASP.NET, PHP, or Node.js).  


Connector Components

A connector broadly consists of –

  • A configuration component that describes how the connector integrates with LeadSquared. This is the JavaScript/HTML code and hosted URLs displayed through an IFrame in the LeadSquared UI. The business logic and actions are defined here.

connector config

  • The actions and business logic defined in the configuration, that is rendered in the LeadSquared UI. These are the new functionality, actions, tabs, etc. that are created on the LeadSquared application.

send sms connector


Interaction Points

Connectors interact with LeadSquared resources differently, depending on their purpose and function. These are the available integration points –



Action on Lead Grid and Lead Detail page.
Action on bulk lead interface  
Action on lists  
Activity   Action on single activity
Application Menu  New menu item
Custom Tab on Lead  New tab on Lead Detail page 
Automation Actions  Custom action in automation


Developer Tools

Developers can leverage these tools to build connectors-

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