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List Management

Lists allow you to segment your leads so you can send the right message to a specific audience. This section details APIs related to lead segmentation and the CRUD operations you can perform on your lists.


 Create Retrieve Update Delete
Create Empty Static List
Create an empty list without any leads.
Get All Lists
Retrieve all the lists you created.
 Add a Lead to a Static List
Add a single lead to a static list.
Remove a Lead from a Static List
Remove a single lead from a static list.
Check List Membership
Verify if a lead is present in a list.
Add Leads to a Static List
Add multiple leads to a static list.
Remove All Leads from a Static List

Remove all leads from a static list.

Get a List by Lead Id
Retrieve all lists a lead is a member of.
Get Leads in a List
Retrieves leads in a specified list.
Get Lead Ids in a List
Returns the “LeadIds” of the members of a given list.
Get Count of Leads in a List
Retrieve the number of leads in a list.

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