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Retrieve Account Activities by Account Id

Lets you retrieve activities posted on an account within a certain date range.
Pass the Company Id (unique identifier of the account) in the API URL. You can find it using the Get an Account API.



POST https://{host}/v2/CompanyActivity.svc/Retrieve?accessKey=AccessKey&secretKey=SecretKey&companyId=CompanyId

URL Parameters

Parameter Description
CompanyId Unique identifier of an account.


Content-Type: application/json
JSON Body/Payload Icon
"Parameter":{"FromDate":"2019-03-01 00:00:00","ToDate":"2019-03-31 23:59:59"},
"Paging": {"PageIndex":"1","PageSize":"100"}

Request Parameters

Parameter Description

“FromDate” – The start date to retrieve activities from.

 “ToDate” – The end date to retrieve activities till.


The results matching your criteria may be large. You can fetch the result in blocks of “PageSize” and make multiple calls to the API with increasing values of “PageIndex”.  For example, you can specify “PageIndex”: 1, “PageSize”: 100 for the first call and specify “PageIndex”: 2, “PageSize”: 100 for second call.


200 OK
Content-Type: application/json
  "RecordCount": 1,
  "CompanyActivities": [
      "CompanyActivityId": "255539a4-0380-4b8c-84db-7746b46c3fe2",
      "RelatedCompanyId": "8933fa5e-5b39-11e9-826a-0622360da6fe",
      "ActivityEvent": 10002,
      "ActivityNote": "Add Deal3",
      "ActivityDateTime": "2019-04-10 07:05:24",
      "ActivityType": 2,
      "CreatedByName": "John Smith",
      "ActivityDisplayName": "Meeting with Stakeholders",
      "CreatedOn": "2019-04-10 07:05:25",
      "ModifiedOn": "2019-04-10 07:07:18",
      "CreatedBy": "643f6525-3e7a-11e6-b61b-22000aa8e760",
      "ModifiedBy": "643f6525-3e7a-11e6-b61b-22000aa8e760",
      "ModifiedByName": "John Smith",
      "ActivityFields": {
        "Status": "Active",
        "Owner": "643f6525-3e7a-11e6-b61b-22000aa8e760",
        "mx_Custom_1": "Stake"

HTTP Response Codes

Code Description
200 OK

This is the status code for successful API call.

401 Unauthorized

The API call was made with invalid access credentials. Check your AccessKey and SecretKey.

400 Bad Request

The message body on the request is not as per API specification. Make sure that content type is set to “application/json” and the JSON body has correct attribute names and structure.

404 Not Found

The API could not be found. Please check the API signature.

429 Too Many Requests

API calls exceeded the limit of 25 in 5 second(s)

500 Internal Server Error

The API called failed. There could be many reasons for it. Check the exception message to get more details.

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