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Calling a Lapp from Rules

After publishing a Lapp to any environment (test or live), you can call it using LeadSquared Rules.


Business Use Case

Let’s say you’ve written a Lapp to change the ‘Revenue’ field of a sales activity from Rupees to Dollars. You can call this Lapp using rules, so every time a sales activity gets created, the Lapp gets called and changes the value of the revenue field.



  1. Navigate to My Account>Settings>Rules and Notifications and click Create.
  2. Select an Event to trigger the rule (Activity Create – Sales Activity for example), then click Set Conditions.
  3. Configure Conditions you want to trigger the rule based on (For example, you can set conditions so the rule only executes when a sales activity is created for say, ‘Sample Product’). Click Provide Action Details when you’re done.
  4. Under the Action Type drop-down, select Call Lapp. Under the Content column click the edit (pencil) icon. Choose a Lapp, select the environment (live or test), then click Save. You can also pass data to the Lapp by entering key-value pairs in the Query String field. Click the Provide Additional Details button to continue.
  5. Enter a name and description for the rule and click Save and Enable or just Save to continue and enable the rule later.

Calling Lapps from rules and notifications

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