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User Management

The Users resource is the primary way of interacting with LeadSquared. This section details all operations you can perform on users. Permission Templates (a key user management tool) help you assign view and edit rights on leads and activities to your users. You can also perform CRUD operations on permission templates.


User Availability

LeadSquared availability features let you track the availability and work schedules of your users and even allow you to automate attendance and leave tracking. To get most out of these API, you should familiarize yourself with the teams, check-in/check-out, workday templates, holiday calendar and leave tracker features. These user management APIs are specific to our user availability features –

Check-In UserCheck-Out User | Get Check-In Status of a User | Get Check-In History of Users | Get a User’s Work Day Details


All APIs

 Create Retrieve Update Delete
Create a User
Create a new user in you account.
Authenticate a User
Authenticate a user and retrieve their details.
Check-In User
Check-In to LeadSquared
Delete a Permission Template
Delete an existing permission template
Create a Permission Template
Create a permission template to control user access.
Get Users
Get all users in your account.
Check-Out User
Check-Out of LeadSquared
Get a User by Id
Retrieve a user by “UserId”.
Notify Users
Notify one or more users via email.
Get a User by Email Address
Retrieve a user by email address.
Update a Permission Template
Update a specific permission template.
Get User Hierarchy
Retrieves all users under a particular reporting manager.
Apply a Permission Template
Apply a permission template to users.
Get User Hierarchy Information
Retrieves user hierarchy based on Sales Groups.
Remove a Permission Template
Remove a permission template from all users it’s applied to.
User Advanced Search
Retrieve users based on multiple criteria.
Overwrite a Permission Template
Lets you replace an existing permission template with a new one.
Get User Attributes
Retrieve all user attributes.
Update a User
Update the attributes of a specific user.
Get User Permissions
Retrieve a user’s permissions across all permission templates.
Update Users in Bulk
Update the details of multiple users in one call.
Get Check-In Status of a User
Find out if a user is checked-in to LeadSquared.
Update User’s Managers in Bulk
Updates the reporting managers for users in bulk.
Get Check-In History of Users
Get the check-in history of multiple users.
Activate a User
Activates a deactivated user.
Get User Tags
Retrieve all tags associated with a user.
Deactivate a User
Deactivates a user in your account.
Get Permission Templates
Retrieve one or more permission templates.
Mark a User Obsolete
Marks a user obsolete so the email Id can be re-used.
Get a User’s Work Day Details
Retrieves the availability and working hours of a user.
LeadSquared Converse System Notification to Users
Through this API, send automated notifications to your users through LeadSquared Converse. The notifications are delivered through the “System User”.

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