Lapps Node.js Version Upgrade (16.x)

All new Lapps created after 1st December 2022 (via the UI or SDK) will be created on Node.js 16.x. When you publish an existing Lapp, the version will be automatically updated to Node.js 16x.

Lapps that are cloned will also be created in Node.js 16.x in the destination account.


  • The end of support for Nodejs 12.x will not impact any existing Lapp executions. Existing Lapps will continue to run without any issues.
  • If any existing Lapp with an older version requires a code change, you’ll be forced to publish with the upgraded version at that time. We recommend you test the Lapp code with the updated version in test environment before publishing it to live.


What happens if my Lapp is published on the live environment and I want to make a code change?

  1. Make the code change.
  2. Publish to Test Environment > It will upgrade the Node.js version to 16.x.
  3. Test the Lapp using the Test API URL.
  4. Publish to live environment.


I created a Lapp using the SDK and my code is working fine. If I publish it now, will it update to version 16.x?
Yes. Lapps that are in draft status will have a runtime of Node.js 12.x. Once you publish it, it will update to v16.x.


My Lapp is published only to the test environment, and I used the Test API URL for integration. I want to make a code change on this Lapp without upgrading to nodejs 16.x. Is this possible?
No, this is not possible. Once you make the code changes and publish the Lapp, it will upgrade the version to 16.x. We recommend you create a new Lapp (with v16.x), test the code, and then update the code to the original Lapp and publish to test.


I have published my Lapp to 16.x but it’s failing. I want to change the runtime to 12.x?
After this release, this is no longer possible.


My Lapp is published to test which is in Node.js version 12.x. I want to publish to it live now with the same version. Is this possible?
No, this is not possible. You’ll be forced to republish to the test environment which will upgrade the version to 16.x.


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